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The Ultimate Guide to Pickerel Fishing in Canada

One of the most exciting and challenging freshwater sportfish to catch in Canada is the Pickerel. Also known as Walleye, Pickerel is a popular gamefish among anglers who love to fish for sport and food. Pickerel fishing is an exciting and challenging experience that requires patience and skill. In this blog post, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Pickerel fishing in Canada, from when and where to fish, what bait and lures to use, and the best techniques to catch them on your next fishing trip.

Pickerel fishing is best during the early spring and late fall seasons, which is the spawning period for the fish. In Canada, some of the best Pickerel fishing spots are the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods, and the Winnipeg River drainage. Pickerel can also be found in many smaller lakes and rivers throughout the country, making it a versatile fish to target. The key to finding them is to look for areas with weed beds, rocky bottom, and close to drop-offs.

When it comes to bait and lures, Pickerel are known to have an appetite for live bait such as minnows, leeches, and nightcrawlers. You can also try using artificial bait, including crankbaits, jigs, and spinnerbaits. The best colors for bait and lures are yellow, chartreuse, and green. Make sure to switch up your bait or lure frequently to determine what the fish are biting on that day.

For the best techniques to catch Pickerel, the jig is a go-to method for many anglers. Fishing with a vertical jigging technique can be highly effective in deeper water. To do this, cast out your line, let it sink to the bottom and gently jerk your rod upwards and let it drop back down. Repeat this motion until you feel a bite. You can also try a horizontal jigging technique where you cast out and reel your line back in while jerking your rod upwards.

Another effective technique anglers use for Pickerel fishing is trolling. This involves dragging a line with bait or lures behind a boat, keeping your bait close to the bottom of the water. Adjust your speed according to the conditions you are fishing in, and monitor the depth of your bait. When trolling, try to change your bait or lures frequently to find what works best.


In summary, Pickerel fishing in Canada can be an excellent experience for all anglers whether you are a seasoned or novice fisherman. Remember to always check the fishing regulations for the area where you will be fishing and follow the catch and release guidelines to help protect the fish population. With the right technique, bait, and patience, you can successfully catch and enjoy Pickerel while experiencing the great outdoors. Happy fishing!